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Annnnd still going.

Nov. 27th, 2009 | 04:40 am
location: Work at 4am
mood: awake
music: Atari Pokey

Hello all. So what's mew? Well - I've still been "chipping away" at it so to speak... in a combination of music and demo stuffs. I don't think I've posted since I played the Amiga gig in Germany (at Evoke demoparty) but it was much fun and more to the point I just met the best people in the world. Fins, Germans, Hungarians, crazy Polish dudes (don't they always manage to get that honor?!), UK sceners - the list goes on (not to leave out any countries!) but everyone was very friendly and scene spirited. :-) We released this demo for which I wrote the tune and added a little direction to (live cap from party)

If you have a PC, you can of course download the ACTUAL demo which is much more hifi than the party cap: http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=53583

Also completed a demo for SYNTAX DEMOPARTY 2009 (as advertised in our demo above!) for the Amiga A500 for the oldskool category. This was on top of organizing Syntax (with help) but I had to rush the demo though at the last minute. I also had some problems reopening the source in RSIDM at the last minute and couldn't add the greets. I had created some test greets the night before just in case it died on the day - and it did so that explains the stupid titles near the end. I dig the pumkin 3D effect in this. What started off as me being "lazy" actually turned into an artistic style which worked quite efficiently frame rate wise and looks nice and screwed up ;-) I also got the tune down to 97kb BEFORE crunching. Was pretty happy with that given that the guitar samples are still just about listen-able to! Video capture is at:

Finally, I've been doing a lot on the chiptune front. Played some fun gigs of late plus did a live to air on a local radio station - much fun. Haven't had much time with my friend the C64, but have been banging out a ton of material for the Gameboy DMG. I just find it a cute little unit to be able to pull out of my pocket in random places and late at night. You can find a few tunes at:


Probably the one people are noticing the most, but click around, because the other tracks are probably better at the end of the day. Oh, and I'm going to blip fest in NYC. Fun times!

Anyway - gotta fly!

Back to reality...

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Still Rolling

Jun. 1st, 2009 | 01:12 am
location: Studio
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: DJ Shaddow (on Vinyl!) and Little-scale / Randomchipstuff

42 print"Hello world!";:goto 42

Funny thing a blog - the logic goes "oh, I'm going to put all my nerdy stuff online and keep track of what everyone else is doing" but then I've never followed it up!

So the latest stuff in a nutshell:

Party Tour 2009 - Yes, I am coming back to Europe for another round of demoparties! Actually, I make it sound bigger than it is, I will try and get to Evoke 2009 and (hopefully) Assembly. I'm looking forward to catching up with the European scene again :-) I need to try and find some accomodation that is cheap or free; it has cost quite a lot for the flights. Finland is out of the question unless I can stay on someones floor although I guess I can (once again) sleeping on a bed of network cables - but for 2 weeks?! Here's hoping I meet people at the party. But I will be bringing demos and I will be bringing chips tunes. And Syntax 2009 T-shirts!

Reactable - Not really a reactable - just bits of paper with a 3CCD camera pointed at it. I wanted to make a tune using one because I'm tired of all the "proof-of-concepts" out there who demo a ton of sounds but never impliment a performance. 'nuff said. This is still early works and I'm working on some new cooler tunes and a DJ performance version which lets me add elements and loops of tracks together.

This is a video of what I was doing. Skip the commentary - it's just a laymans introduction for a few people so they knew what I was doing.

Amiga 500's - I decided it was time to gig with my trusty Amiga's on the road and do a "live" gig (under my "debug live" alias). I suppose it isn't technically live as I am just playing protracker MODs with loop commands and choosing when to "skip" to the next section - but I am doing the summing on an external mixer (DJM800) and using pass filters / EQ / effects on seperate elements (CH1/4 and 2/3 anyway). I was blown away by the response. I thought the "up tempo" (aka fast switched F06 & F05 commands) feel was too fast but it actually got the dance floor crazy. About half the people there have since asked me when the next gig is. Ace!

There is a video shot on someones phone:

Syntax 2009 - It's happening again! October 31st at the moment... will let you know ;-) We've heard from Chrome/Crass/WoW/DA/Affinity/Cygnusoz/TremTrio (holy shit, we actually have an active scene!) Hopefully we'll have beer on tap a kitchen pumping out pizza. It'll be awesome. Just confirming the new venue is cool with us - I don't think they understand what we are planning. Hopefully it will be combined with a Sounbytes chiptune gig in the main bar area so the party will feature an after party to end all after parties! That is the plan anyway.

Hopefully see you at the Party :-) If you know of anyone I might be able to stay with in either Köln or Helsinki please let me know! Oh, and if someone can tee me up with an Amiga gig at Asm of Evoke... ;-)

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Oct. 28th, 2008 | 04:48 am


Finally arrived today and I couldn't unpack it fast enough. First impressions of the board is that it is small, but hey, it's not exactly rocket science by today’s standards. It's spot on 12x12cm - approximately the size of a CD case.

Hence, the first step was building a suitably dodgy case for it cTrix style:

Built with all the care in the world using a Swiss army knife and a cigarette lighter (to melt and bend the plastic out of the way - I was too lazy to cut it)

Looks a million dollars to me. So next step was to fire it up - and on first boot nothing happened. Ahhh... no MMC card. Look in box... look in shipping material... look in box again... no MMC card... look in manual... "a compatible card is provided". Damn it! Looks like they don't provide a card anymore :-/ Anyway, a while later I found a 32meg SD card and copied the rom files across aaaaaand it just started flashing a blue LED at me. Buggered if I actually knew what it meant though because there is no documentation.

My next step was to take the 32MB card and this time use DOS to format the card with the force FAT switch. (it should have been FAT16 anyway, but just in case). Then I renamed all the files to CAPS and copied them across to the SD card with the copy command.

Boot - weird loader style flashing - color cycle - more flashing lines - more colored screens - and eventually (after a good 20 seconds) the Amiga "insert floppy" appeared. Horay! So using the F12 and page up/down keys selected last years Syntax OCS demo – and it played perfectly from start to end :-] Gotta be happy with that! I’ve since watched about 10 demos on it (mainly Australian) and they all seem to work ok with the exception of a few sprite problems along the bottom of the screen on one or two demos. Sound is surprisingly solid and quite faithful although I’ll be testing this in the future.


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8 months later...

Oct. 14th, 2008 | 02:34 am

Yep..! It's certainly been a while. I still exist - just not often in this blog thing. I still touch base to see what other ppl are doing from time to time (hello!) but generally caught up in that evil social site (beginning with F and B!) plus extremely busy with various film/tv work that just havn't thought to post here!!

BUT! Update; for demoscene & chip circles... certainly positive ones. For starters, I'm back bigtime making MOD based music in Protracker on the Amiga 500 & 1200. I bought a Pioneer DJM500 today and am working with a fellow Amiga demoscener in building a live performance tool for using 2 x Amigas to perform live electro / house. I'm basically using CH 1 & 2 for one Amiga and 3 & 4 for the other and running seperate DBX compressors before I hit the mixer for each deck (4 in total) and the running the analogue sum into a multiband, EQ & peak limitor rack to keep everything chunky. Timing wise we are probably using our own protocol over RS232 to sync Amiga's at this point. Still not sure on how to jam sync refresh rates. I've already created enough material for a whole live set and I can tell you now that it's chunky and oldskool. And heap of fun ;-]

Check out a preview of one of the tunes I'll be playing live at:

I'm also now on 8-bit collective with my SID and vrc6 based tunes. Uploading the archive a bit at a time (excuse the pun) to keep a steady flow of tunes.


Other than that, Syntax 08 will be happening in Nov, so just working on a tune and entry for that. Amiga AGA demo is lookin good (which I'm doing with DA) and another ECS/OCS demo I'm doing with SPCrew that's looking very crap at the moment - in fact I don't think it will be finished. I may be working again with e64 on a 4kb PC demo of minimal nature (much like last year) using the same hack soft-synth as last time which I totally dig still. I think i've been given a 1kb limit for the tune (after exe packing) so wish me luck.

Details of event at : Syntaxparty.org

Anyhow-de. Better get back to it. Sleep more than anything as (alas!) my real life = shooting a TVC in the morning involving food and long lenses in HD - which is a scary combination. Shooting bit is fine, just the morning bit I'd rather avoid! Wouldn;t we all? Hope everyone else out there in demo / music land is well & active.

(jeepers - I survived another massive typing session on the eeePC... seriously, these things are way too small for sanity!)

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Beeach Paarty!

Jan. 22nd, 2008 | 02:30 am
location: Syntax HQ
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Crashes (Edit) - The Designed Disorder (Autonomous Addicts album)

Yep it's well and truely official :-D

Beach Paarty 2008! http://www.syntaxparty.org/beach

An4kirob was originally going to organise a screening of the .au compo enteries and a tracking compo in a venue somewhere, but then I mentioned the whole Beach idea that I'd been thinking about even before Syntax.

After some drinking, location scouting, and more drinking (with ript as well), we finally found the spot... just over a hill from a local beach. :-D And although it's a bit public we figured that its a good enough suburb that no one (appart from us) is going to trash the party or the gear. Only concern is getting the gennerator confiscated by the boys-in-blue, but even then, I'm sure we'd get a warning before being arrrrested! That's the hope anyway... The other concern is the pureity of the power - although I've got a UPS that should be right to deliver enough for two Commodores and a laptop if we run out of fuel and get dirty winding-down power. Projector wise we'll just have to risk it and blow like mad though the cooling inlet if it loses power (hey, I've had it 5 years now so not precious about it)

So I'm back from the dead and full scene ahead for now :-D

I also started a "short introduction" to tracking aimed at MIDI heads or even beginners who might be curious about tracking tunes for the older hardware. I'm sure this info is elsewhere on the web but I felt like staying up all night and writing it so I did. I made a few mistakes (will fix soon) and learnt afterwards that my version of Goattracker is waaay out of date (new version is great!). I know any true SID trackers would knock me down for my simplified description of pulse width/speed but "phasery kind of thing" was the best I could come up with at the time!

Anyway, it's at http://www.syntaxparty.org/beach/guide.html

Catch ya all around. I got to get some sleep about now. Got to be at work in 5 hours with a client. Eeek.

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Jan. 14th, 2008 | 12:53 am

Yep - still alive.

Just on an extended break from nerdness for a bit (well, sort of!)

Not for long though - just helping organise an Amiga/PC demo gathering next to the Beach for Feb time. Will include gfx and tracking compos, screenings of the .au xMas compo enteries and a whole load of Amiga / C64 oldskool demos being screened over beers and quality Aussie BBQ. Dates, etc, will be released soon :-)

Working on an Amiga musicdisk (all new material) for release later in the year too.


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Nov. 17th, 2007 | 03:15 am

Just spent an hour reading the Demoscene Outreach Tour blog (see: http://demotrip.blogspot.com/ ) and it's about the most inspirational thing I've read in a long time!

Hm... talking of which, I'd better start the ball rolling on Syntax 2008...
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Party again

Oct. 8th, 2007 | 11:22 pm

Friday night *was* big... I ended up taking an old friend out for a 4 course Japanese banquit and partying until 5am. But it got bigger. Saturday, after sleeping a few hours, I went camping with around 30 other ppl for a friend-of-a-friend's birthday party. She wanted to have a dance party in the bush for her birthday and had organised a DJ booth and some speakers running off a home theatre amp. We were all having a good time but the speakers were stuggling a bit and it could have been louder - so I buzzed duncBot (who owns the Syntax Party PA system) He was in Brisbane (about 3000km away) but was about to jump on a plane home and got totally fired up for "a mission".

6 hours later (about 11pm!) he rocked up with a trailer packed full of PA gear :-D After figuring out the fuel we had for the generator, we set up a rack of amps and speakers to rock the party sensless. We fired it up and people just stood stunned for a moment; then started laughing. Then the night just progressed from there!! Massive bonfire, lots of dancing and even though it was -2 degrees and there was ice on the cars (cold) we partied all night long.

Sunday morning, 11am, the party was still pumping but most ppl had gone to bed. So Ehendrikd, duncBot and myself (3 demosceners!) decided to get nerdy. Ehendrikd set up his laptop running Torq Conectiv DJ mixing software with a breakout box and we took it in turns to mix tracks while drinking some beers. Torq is very abled and I was amazed at the low latency when responding to either Vinal (SL1200's) or CD (CDJ 800's). Certainly a solid system and it routes back into the mixer so actually feels like like DJ'ing with records! And you still get access to EQ, mixer effects, mixer levels and the BPM counter. Next step will be trying the MIDI out of the DJM800 to control everything "in software" of Torq - but more just as an experiment coz it's spot on as it is :-)

And that went until 2pm sunday arvo when the genny was running low on petrol and we decided to pack up. Kinda a big weekend I guess! *lol* But rocking fun.

I posted in my new years eve blog earlier this year saying "the year of the party" - and I was totally right :-] What next?!

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function 07

Sep. 17th, 2007 | 04:11 am
mood: chipperchipper
music: Psytrance

I wasn't able to buy a plane ticket and travel to Hungry this year so I decided that I'd be at Function in compo spirit by creating a Stereo MOD for the tracking comp.

It's basically a 4CH MOD but written to be played with hard L/R panning (aka Amiga) and no interpolation "resampling improvments". The more raw the better. So 2 channels of polyphony = very simple tune. Stupidly outta-control Amen loop (still my favorite) with a rotton growling bass line underneith + a shite load of retrig commands. hehehehe. Couldn't resist putting in a mass blast of noise for fun (thanks for inspiration PS!) but it actually turned out to be the highlight of the whole track when it kicks back in. Not my best or most creative track by any means, but good old d'n'b fun.

3mins - 100kb. Check it out function '07 :-]-<

Oh, went to a psytrance party this afternoon (after another party yesterday). Had a great LED array wall spanning the whole stage with super low rez. People "pixelated" when they went in front of it and looked cool. Could have rocked it 100 times over with some demos though.

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The Ultimate DIY Party

Sep. 10th, 2007 | 03:14 am

OK... they say a picture tells 1911 words, so I'm just going to put pictures here.

Background is that we were organizing a party and needed a place for it, so rather than go to a campsite somewhere and have to deal with generators, etc, we decided to go to the most remote pub we could find, with no houses in the area, and set up a big dance party there.

So we turn up - and this was what was what was in the "beer garden". Oh wow!! It's a float from a parade in the 70's!!

So we decided that this should be the stage. YEAH! And as the sun set, with the first beers in our hands, we set about wiring up "our mermaid" for the 21st century.

The first thing you need for any party, is something to play music on, right? So we asked a few ppl if they would bring their decks, and we ended up with this:

That's 2 x CDJ 1000's, 2 x CDJ 800's (one not pictured is running "background" music while we were setting up). Four Technics SL1200's - although only three would fit on the table... and best of all, the new Pioneer DJM800 - the ultimate in DJ mixers. :-]

Those in the know will realise that this is the about the best set up you could possibly play on. and we were running everything in the chain digitaly = no signal loss. In fact, everything was totally digital right until...

the speaker managment rack! Sorry... 2 speaker managment racks. We had a dedicated rack for running the stage monitors, plus another channel running to the dancing elf. More on that later.

So once that was all configed and sounding stupidly fat, we fed everything to the various amps (about 5000 watts RMS worth). Which sat looking rather serious. It's probably worth noting that most of the gear here was bought off ebay in "broken" condition for cheap, and then rebuilt and fixed by Dunkbot (who is a fellow scener - submitted an MSX demo for Syntax).

Now... you can't have a party without lighting and visuals... so up went the projector (thankyou gaffer) and the obligitory lazers.

Which of course meant we had to hide a smoke machine somewhere too... hmmm... wheres a good place. Oh, how about here?!

Our party mascot is a dancing elf made from foam, model areoplane servos, and a PLC to control the various motors from a pounding bass source to get it's rhythm and have a "boogie". We actually set up a dedicated line from the speaker managment rack just for him to dance to! (a super gated, low pass filtered, compressed blast of bass is what he likes best) Look at him! Happy as he's ever been.

So... how did it all come together?

No points for guessing what we played on the projector screen... especially considering all 3 of the "setup" crew were at Syntax...

This was my live set:

Lots of DJ's doing their thing

And there was a pub as well, with amazing things like this hanging from the roof. Beer can plane!! :-)

So there we go. That was the mad mission of a party, with lots of mad electronica, a great bunch of people (around 60 ppl all up), some awesome demos (we had 5 x demo or die comps too) and we only blew an 18" sub drive and a horn tweeter. hehehe. Ahh well.

Last of all, Syntax crew! Woooo! Rockin' ALL the parties.

We survived!! Next one in a couple of months, but it's going to be hard to top this one! :-]

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